Sessions to take place in the morning 9:30 – 13:30 h (evenings for trips or visits to the feria of

Dr. Tomás Landete-Castillejos, IREC (Spanish Nat. Game Institute
and vice-president of FEDFA, European Deer Breeders): Antler
composition and mechanics show mineral deficiencies and
important minerals for high quality trophies.

Dr. Radim Kotrba, Institute of Animal Science, Czech Rep., and
president of FEDFA: The situation of deer breeding throughout
Europe and coming challenges.

Didier Roques Rogery, Trophees, France: How to manage
deer to get a 292 CIC trophy.

Dr. Jaroslav Pokoradi, Xcell Breeding Services, Slovakia:
Reproductive manipulation for deer breeding and applicability of
biotechnology to improve trophies.

Bartlomiej Dmuchowski, Rudzie farm, Poland: Basics of setting up
deer farms - technical and substantial aspects.

Prof. Luis Leon & Dr. Monica Gonzalez, Fac. Veterinary Medicine,
Univ. Murcia (Spain): Disease management and prevention aspects
of deer breeding in farms and game estates.
Nutrition for antler growth and disease prevention talk. Still to be
arranged the name of the speaker.

Dr. Andres Garcia, IREC & What to do and what
not to do: lessons from the 20 years experience in the Univ. of
Castilla-La Mancha experimental deer farm.

Dr. Santiago Gomez. The technology of the future for antler
assessment: histology tells us when to supplement, and what is the
quality of the diet.

Round table of the speakers (time to be discussed) for exchange of experience and further questions
regarding deer management.